A week in Beautiful British Columbia!!


It’s just amazing!  The views, the waters,  weather and lack of bugs just can’t be beat! 

The amount of rvers there is also a wonderful thing!  Thousands and thousands!  Don’t know weither they are full timers, weekenders or   Seasonal but great to see so many people out there and using the rvs as a place/way to see the country! 

We went on a few road trips around where we were staying but they felt rushed and  also we know we missed things to see !   Once we get full timing we will be able to slow down,  see more,  golf different courses, take more pics, try more of the smaller local restaurants and not feel rushed! 

We golfed three different courses!  One each in Summerland, kaleden and Penticton!  All had amazing scenery and we’re all challenging in their own ways!  

Travelling by plane is a fast way to get to point A from point B!    We know you miss lots of interesting sights though!  Also you can only read so much or listen to a few audio books, do sudokus or sleep sitting up while on a layover!  And let’s be honest not to many wonderfully different things to see in airports.

The views from the plane are spectacular!  

Bye for now and hope everyone enjoys this month! 


Day jobs!! 


Can’t live with them … Can’t live without them!!  Kinda my motto for the day! 

We love the money and need the money but  they are monotonous and unrewarding!   

We want change of scenery,  change of pace(sleep in if you want or up at 4 am only to have an afternoon nap),  workamping and try new things or learn new skills,  try new foods and brews and see North America – the little family owned stores and restaurants ,  town statues and country sides  and so many more things …  just can’t list all the things!

Love to read all your blogs and get a glimpse of our near future.   The costs and sights and reviews.   The good the bad and the adventures! 

Bye for now 😊